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Breakthrough Center Toronto ® 
1 Fourteenth St, Toronto, Ontario 
M8V3H8 Canada Tel: 647-505-8607 
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Breakthrough Center Buenos Aires ®
Paraná 631 piso 3°6 Ciudad de Buenos Aires 
Argentina Tel:1-647-505-8607

Psychotherapy and Coaching services 
covered by most Extended Health Insurance 
Breakthrough Centre Bodywork
Breakthrough Center is dedicated to supporting our clients in radiant health.
We believe in bodywork as an integral part of well being and the healing process.
Breakthrough Bodywork can help clients with:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Restoring Balance
  • Detoxification
  • Tension
  • Recovery from Injuries and Illness
  • Restful Sleep
  • Calming Nervous System

Bodywork can also be an invaluable support in the counselling process and help clients to experience physical and emotional release. When the body can relax, energy that was spent on emotional containment can be used in other ways. Physical function becomes easier and less painful.

PLEASE NOTE: Presently Breakthrough Bodywork services are only offered at our Toronto location.
Qigong, otherwise known as Chinese Yoga, is an ancient practice that focuses on listening to the Life Force of the body’s energy. Sometimes referred to as Spirit, Breath, Prana and Qi, this essential energy ‘essence’ in the body naturally nourishes the organs and body systems. Qigong is practiced around the world for health maintenance, stress reduction and physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
Pronounced “chee-gung’, Qigong promotes self healing, enhanced balance and energy shifts. Initiallty, the exercise practice involves connecting essential Qi and breath to the body. These coordinated breath and body exercises (similar to Yoga) help to cultivate a calm, mindful state. This clarity of mind helps to release toxins in the body and promotes a heightened awareness of physical sensation, emotional imagery and language. Qigong is an ancient practice that helps practitioners to tap into the subtle energies of the body in order to fully engage in the process and practice of directing life purpose in the direction of personal choice in the world.
Your imagination ignites your Qi - your mind directs it!