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Breakthrough Center Toronto ® 
1 Fourteenth St, Toronto, Ontario 
M8V3H8 Canada Tel: 647-505-8607 
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Psychotherapy and Coaching services 
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Breakthrough Team
Breakthrough Center for Coaching and Psychotherapy was founded in 2003 by Gui Mansilla and Florence MacGregor.

We have extensive experience bringing groups, couples and individuals through a breakthrough process that enables personal growth and achievement. 

At Breakthrough Center we care about you, your needs and your desire for change. 
We serve our clients locally and globally - in person, by phone and online.

Let us know how we can help you to Breakthrough and Bring Your Dreams to Life!
"Since starting therapy with Gui, I've come a long way, and now each day I am grateful because I feel a step closer to realizing my dreams.

30 Years old female 
Gui Mansilla RP CRPO
Founder - Director
Reg. Psychotherapist and Coach 
Gui is a registered psychotherapist of the college of Ontario. Gui's dream and passion has always been to make the world a better place. Gui was raised in Argentina where he earned a post graduate degree in Criminal Law. Here in Canada Gui has earned his Masters in Divinity and has been trained as a psychotherapist and coach with over 10000 hours of experience helping others.

Gui is known for his honesty and clarity and for being compassionate and caring with clients. He feels honoured and privileged that his work is helping people to heal and actualize their dreams, aspirations and passions. 

Florence MacGregor MFA, Embodiment Coach / Student Psychotherapist (under supervision) currently enrolled in a Masters in Pastoral Studies University of Toronto 
​As an Embodiment Coach, I work with the complete physical, mental and spiritual body. 
Embodiment practices include a holistic approach to healing and health. I use different healing modalities in practice and encourage my clients to choose their own unique training schedule that personally fits into their specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Embodiment Training, Qigong Massage and Talking Therapy combination packages available. First time 30 min. consultation free.
As a Certified World Groove Instructor, I facilitate group dance parties that celebrate belonging and community for both adults and kids.
As a Certified Qigong Therapist I offer Qigong Massage, Exercises and workshops.
Often we think of time as a journey on a straight line to arrive somewhere. When really, time is a Cycle of Return. When we can be awakened to each stage in our life's Journey, then the challenges that we face can potentially bring us closer to our personal goals. 

 Works in Spanish - English: 
In Person, Phone or Secure Video
 Works in English: 
In Person, Phone or Secure Video